from by FoxxyNewport



Like me
Like me
Take the drink and spike me
wanna take me home?
okay okay
see me see me
don't you wanna feel me
wanna get with me?
olay olay
if you really need me
please believe me
I won't be there for you
oh no
I'm just here to do my thing
get a check
then bounce
don't need no ring

Wherever we go
one way private show
be your runway now
take you under now
put your hands on me
lend your wrath to me
give control to me
emotions run free

Now you wanna come and chat me up
as I take me a sip from my little red cup
then you wanna go and snatch me up
say just like LP it can't be tough
no I'm not gonna scratch your one itch
I'm the bad one
Audrey Horne's witch
I'll steal up your stack
head to One Eyed Jack's
Laura could use some company
and the mens really like this
yellow hankie
they know I'm about this
flag your left side
if you a top bitch
and throw your coins up if you a broke bitch
you'll never take my identity
born and bred of tragedy
I reside in my infamy
emotionless entirely


give yourself to me
you know there's no love between us right?
we're all pawns in a game of chess just like Laura and Bobby
the greatest romances of our generation were all facades
just emotions running haywire
there was no real passion or commitment to anything

Lend your wealth to me
give your self to me
open up to me
emotions run free
appearances go
I deceive you so
lend yourself to me
emotions run free
let the Devils hands
be my own command
give your love to me
emotions run free
let your walls break down
never see me round
give your heart to me
emotions run free

Like me like me
take the drink and spike me
wanna bring me home
okay okay
see me see me
now you wanna feel me?
wanna get with me
no way no way!


from Neutral, released March 3, 2015



all rights reserved